BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and is something that we will encourage for all year 4-6 students.

A student owned, internet-capable device will give your child instant access to unlimited resources and enable them to support, extend, communicate and share their learning in a way that will also prepare them for their future personal and working lives.

Students unable to bring their own device will have shared use of classroom devices.


We believe that we are developing digital citizens at Ahutoetoe School; students who are able and confident users of technology. Chromebooks are valuable tools that make your child’s learning obvious in that they can share their learning, questions, and work with their teachers, peers and parents in real-time. Your child will be encouraged to produce creative work that expresses their interests and demonstrates their learning.

What BYOD?

We recommend a Chromebook.

A Chromebook is a Google laptop which runs a Chrome operating system. They are used while connected to the internet with all work being saved online.

Your children's safety is always our first priority and Chromebooks allow a safe environment for students to work and explore subjects. The content of your child’s device is viewable by teachers whilst at school to ensure appropriateness.

Digital partnerships

We have partnered with Noel Leeming Education who provide parent/community discounts and supports on BYOD Chromebook purchases.

Year 1-3 will have class sets of iPads which will enable them to both use google suite as well as coding, programming, and learning apps.

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Term 1
Wednesday 1st February - Thursday 6th April
Waitangi Day – observed 6th Feb

Good Friday – 7th April
Easter Monday – 1
0th April

Term 2
Monday 24th April - Friday 30th June

Anzac Day – 25th April
Queens Birthday – 5th June

Matariki – 14th July

Term 3
Monday 17th July - Friday 22nd September

Term 4
Monday 9th October - Friday 15th December
Labour Day – 2
3rd October