Ahutoetoe School welcomes international students. Ahutoetoe School is located in the heart of the modern, connected development of Milldale. The Milldale developers derived the name from the local European history as Kauri trees were milled from the land in the early 1800's, as far inland as Wainui. The land forms a natural undulating valley that is drenched in northerly sun and keeps many features from before development such as the rivers and native bush. 

We offer a stimulating and caring environment for your child to grow and develop. We teach in Flexible Learning Environments which have awesome and interesting spaces and a variety of furniture to allow for student choice so that they can choose how they learn best. There are breakout spaces for quiet study, teacher workshops, or collaborative groups. 

We value the contribution students from many different countries bring to our school community. International students gain a great experience while studying in New Zealand with our tranquil rural setting, supportive learning environments and authentic New Zealand classroom experiences with many opportunities to engage with many aspects of New Zealand school life.

All of our international students are placed in a class of their year level, and are expected to participate as fully as possible in all areas of the curriculum, with consideration given to their level of English. International students are supported on a regular basis during the week, for intensive small group English tutoring. Lessons cover all areas of English from speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary. With our supportive inclusive approach to learning students are assisted to work and integrate into the classroom environment. The ESoL teacher liaises closely with the classroom teacher to ensure that our students are settled, progressing with English and the school curriculum and to give support and assistance as required.

We place a strong emphasis on students' wellbeing. While they are at Ahutoetoe School we foster liaison between the home family and school and will give you many opportunities to be part of our school life. We meet regularly with our International Parents and encourage feedback on their child’s learning journey at our school. Our International team is always available to meet to support you and your family while you are at our school.

We currently have sports and cultural opportunities, including music tuition in guitar and keyboard. We have a range of team sports, many of which take part in inter-school competitions.


 Ahutoetoe School International Students Programme offers:

Our first international students

Our first group of eight international students from Korea arrived on 17th January 2023. Half stayed for four weeks and half stayed for 6 weeks.

They began their time with us (during our school holidays) attending an ESOL Summer School where they got to know each other better, spoke English and some te Reo, and learnt about Kiwi culture and New Zealand. 

By the time it came for them to return home, strong friendships had been fostered and we were so sad to see them leave!


Ahutoetoe School is accepting International Students to study in 2024. 

Students from Year 1 (5 years old) to Year 6 are welcome to apply. Acceptance may depend on space availability in a class at the child's year level. All International Students must be living with a parent at all times, unless they are visiting with a registered agent.

Expression of Interest 

If you would like to know more about our school or enquire about availability at certain levels please email

International Application Forms:

Ahutoetoe School is accepting short term International Students. Many of our International Students study with us for one term or up to a year or more. Medical and Travel Insurance is compulsory for International Students while in New Zealand no matter how long their stay. Students must also have a valid passport and visa.

Please use the "Apply Now" button below to begin the process of enrolling at Ahutoetoe School.

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Ahutoetoe School hosts international learners and is a signatory to the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 (the Code).

The Code outlines what signatories must do to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their international learners. It is supported by the Code Guidelines.

School Docs is where you can find all of our policies and procedures.  please note that any issues with agents can also be resolved via the Concerns and Complaints documents found in School Docs.

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Ahutoetoe International Student Orientation

Connect ... Nurture ... Inspire

Hono ... Poipoi ... Hiringa

Day Schedule

Gates open: 8.15am

School day: 8.45am – 2.45pm

Learning Session 1: 8.45am - 10.45am

Learning Session 2: 11.15am – 12.35pm

Learning Session 3: 1.20pm – 2.45pm

Ahutoetoe School

89 Maryvale Road





Term 1
Thursday 1 February - Friday 12 April
Waitangi Day – observed 6th Feb 

Good Friday – 29 March
Easter Monday – 1st April

Easter Tuesday - 2nd April

Term 2
Monday 29 April - Friday 5 July

Anzac Day – 25th April

Teacher Only Day - 31st May
Kings Birthday – 3rd June

Matariki  – 28th June

Term 3
Monday 22 July - Friday 27 September

Term 4
Monday 14 October - Tuesday 17 December

Teacher Only Day - 25th October
Labour Day – 28th October



Phone: 09 242 8100