Payments, Fees and Permissions


Schools in New Zealand are funded on a per learner basis. This is a set figure across the country, regardless of what area you live in. This gives us our budget to run the school, including the cost of office staff, administration, some teacher aides and a caretaker, as well as paying for heat, power, light and water. Our school does not qualify for the MOE School Donation Support Scheme. The amount funded by the Government is significantly less than the actual cost of running our school. To run our school at the expected level, we need your help! The donation requested by the school is $180 per learner, this is less than $5 per week! If all whānau paid the school donations this would significantly improve the resources we can provide on a day to day basis and ensure the primary years offer more opportunities for our learners to explore their potential. Examples of the resources are: 


In addition to the school donation, we also ask for a learning activity contribution for the year of $160. This payment covers all the crucial things in our learning programme directly related to your child. This donation covers online subscriptions, visiting performance groups, class school trips during the year, Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC), Sports Days, and the End of Year Picnic.

We would like to offer the same level of education, experience and opportunity as other schools. To do this we need your help. A huge thank you in advance from the Board, Leadership Team, staff and in particular, our learners, who all really appreciate your contribution to ensure that we Grow the Future together.

Please pay the School Donation and learning  activity contribution through your Kindo account.  These can be paid each term - School Donation $45 and Learning Activity Contribution $40, Total $85.00. 

If contributions are paid before the 31st March you can get a tax rebate through IRD. Information is available on the IRD website.


We use Kindo for all of our school payments, fees and permission forms.

How does it work

You can access Kindo via your Hero app.

You will need to create a parent account on Kindo - HERE You will see that you can have accounts for more than one child and that Kindo covers all areas that require payments and permissions. If you already have an account you can log in HERE 

We are a cash free school and will require all payments to be made via Kindo.

Through Kindo you can make all school related payments and purchases with our partners:

School Partners

Precious Labels flyer parents_deliver to home.pdf

Precious Labels

Cute, colourful and durable labels.

We think this is a great partnership because learners lose their belongings often! By naming and labeling your tamariki's items they will easily be able to find them when they are misplaced. 

Ezlunch - More Information on term menus and ordering

Promotional Items

Ahutoetoe School Pen

Ball point blue pen

Available in green or blue


Ahutoetoe School Plush Kiwi

Soft kiwi plush toy

Ahutoetoe School Logo printed t-shirt

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Day Schedule

Gates open: 8.15am

School day: 8.45am – 2.45pm

Learning Session 1: 8.45am - 10.45am

Learning Session 2: 11.15am – 12.35pm

Learning Session 3: 1.20pm – 2.45pm

Ahutoetoe School

89 Maryvale Road





Term 1
Thursday 1 February - Friday 12 April
Waitangi Day – observed 6th Feb 

Good Friday – 29 March
Easter Monday – 1st April

Easter Tuesday - 2nd April

Term 2
Monday 29 April - Friday 5 July

Anzac Day – 25th April

Teacher Only Day - 31st May
Kings Birthday – 3rd June

Matariki  – 28th June

Term 3
Monday 22 July - Friday 27 September

Term 4
Monday 14 October - Tuesday 17 December

Teacher Only Day - 25th October
Labour Day – 28th October



Phone: 09 242 8100